Just joking. For reals this time.

I was born 25 years ago on April Fools Day. I like to workout. I like to indulge in good wine and good food. I’m married to my best friend, Jordan Reece Cooper; he's my number 1 fan. We built and live in a small house in the Adelaide Hills. Travelling is my passion and I’ve been to 10+ countries. My favourite is Japan. Next on my bucket list is Machu Picchu, Iceland and Portugal. I want to live the van life in New Zealand. I like to snowboard. I can sing, play piano and I taught myself acoustic guitar. I'm joyous, optimistic and kind. I like to read self development books and listen to podcasts. I also like to binge Netflix and chill.

my story

My Pop bought me my first camera. He took me on these crazy, adventurous overseas trips when I was 10 or 11, all through my schooling years and into my adult life. He would chuck a point-and-shoot in my hands and I'd go for gold; probably where my passion for travel begun too, huh. 

Through the years I've done all kinds of work, but nothing comes close to the joy and fulfilment I get from shooting weddings. From hearing about your plans on our first chat to seeing it unfold on your wedding day; I'm so grateful to be a part of one of the best days of your lives. 

I get to know you both on a deeper level, understanding your values and the things that matter to you most. This could be the strong relationship you have with your own Pop, the importance of eloping in nature or wearing the veil that was passed down for generations. I will capture everything from the personal jokes and tear-jerking speeches, the intimate moments and the raging dance-floor.

My favourite thing about being a full-time entrepreneur is being immersed in creativity and experiencing your whole-hearted, big love. 

little paper plane weddings



To capture your most beautiful (and ugly-beautiful 😂)  intimate moments. I want the raw, the emotional and the whole-hearted love.

Quirky. I'm talking getting a bit weird, 100% chance of PDA, maybe some curious posing and definitely stuff that's going to stand out.

Adventure is my middle name and I'm down for it if you are. Let's have fun and explore this wonderful place you call home.

Different, untraditional, authentic. Not one person in this world is the same; so why should your wedding day be? Get ready together, wear green, elope in a forest, don't have a wedding party; the possibilities are endless. 

To bring the utmost good vibes. From chatting to your father-in-law about his film camera to boogieing on the d-floor with your wedding party; I'm here for the down-to-earth, go with the flow, laidback and excited.

the motto.




1) You like my style of shooting, the posing and candids, the editing and the way I present my work.
2) The vibe. I will be spending a considerable amount of time with you on the day and it's so important that we are on the same wavelength. 

Booking me as your creative comes down to 2 main things: