The joy and fulfilment I receive from documenting weddings truly lights me up. From hearing about your plans on our first chat to seeing it unfold on your wedding day; I'm so grateful to be a part of one of the best days of your lives. 

My films are created with intention and reflect the feeling of your day. When direction is needed, we take more of a prompt style approach, where authentic, raw moments are prioritised. We get the best shots when you're natural, relaxed and enjoying yourselves.

It's one of those big life moments and photo alone won't capture the words spoken and the way you say them. 
We're there so you can experience the feeling again.

Personally, my values align with 'if something is worth doing, it's worth doing well'. The couples I work with also align with this value. The clients that we choose to take on connect with our films, style and storytelling. We take on a limited number of clients every year to serve them the best way possible. 

And for me, well, when I’m doing normal life things, I can be found travelling, enjoying the sunshine, training at the gym or hanging out with Jordan, my best friend and husband.

Lily x